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The Museum of What?!

September 27, 2010

Delhi has a wonderful assortment of museums, including amongst them the National Musuem, the Crafts Museum, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Gandhi Museum, the Archaeological Museum, and the Rail Museum.  Today, though, I had the pleasure of going to one of the more obscure museums – The Sulabh International Toilet Museum.

The "Rumble Throne" of the French Monarch

The Toilet Museum is part of the Sulabh Complex in out-of-the-way Mahavir Enclave, which may explain why most tourists and visitors to the city overlook it.

The museum is small – only one room – but it has some great displays that trace the evolution of the toilet, as well as some rare toilet artifacts.  (That’s a phrase I never thought I would write…)

The tour guides are animated as they share fun facts and even a little bit of “potty humor”.  Our tour guide had several tidbits of information including how the British term “loo” originated, why squatting-style toilets should actually be called “Western” toilets, and how “Book Toilets” were used in England-France rivalries.  Want to know the answers to all of these?  You’ll have to visit the museum.

Floral Porcelain Toilet from Victorian England

My afternoon in the Museum of Toilets proved to be fun and surprisingly informative.  A trip to the museum will also remind visitors to be appreciative for what may be considered the most basic of basics – running water and an adequate sanitation system – two things that are always worth being thankful for.

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  1. September 29, 2010 9:30 pm

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    I’m fascinated.

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