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Getting Around in Delhi

September 28, 2010

Recently I wrote an article for the website Expat Arrivals on transportation in Delhi.

You can read the article here!

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  1. October 1, 2010 11:04 pm

    wow….that was incredibly thorough.
    I dont think I could anything substantial even though I have lived my whole life in the capital.

    A few things though
    Color coded buses- Red for air conditioned buses and green/yellow for non air conditioned ones.
    An autowallah can be easily convinced to go by the meter if a copper is around

    And congrats on the engagement or the same if u r already married.
    Cheers !!

  2. arvindpadmanabhan permalink
    March 13, 2011 7:24 pm

    You are quite right about travelling on foot in Delhi. It is a certain danger.

  3. Ashish permalink
    August 15, 2011 1:59 am

    katherine…i have been livin in delhi past 2 years….and certainly i agree with you that its difficult to drive in new Delhi…traffic is immense…heard that total vehicles surpassed 55 millions in the city…in that case..metro’s far better..

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