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Wedding Frenzy

January 12, 2011

Hello Readers!  I write to you as a brand new Indian bride!  As you can probably surmise from my recent lack of posts, my wedding, which occurred just two weeks ago on December 29th, kept me very busy.  But I’ve now had time to recover from all of the festivities and am thrilled to be able to share wedding photos and stories with you all!

Our dining-room-cum-dance-floor in the days leading up to the wedding

The days leading up to the wedding were very hectic.  In addition to confirming with caterers, making arrangements with florists and photographers, and several last minute trips to tailors to tweak blouses and button holes, friends and family were also coming over to our house every night for parties and celebration dinners.  The parties leading up to the wedding were such fun, though!  They were full of singing and dancing (our dining room was temporarily converted into a dance floor), and I even managed to get a Christmas tree up, which added to the festive mood in the house!

Our last-minute tree for my first Christmas in Delhi

My guests from America began to arrive on Christmas Eve, December 24th.  Over thirty of my friends and family members traveled from the U.S. to attend the wedding, which was wonderful for me, but also required a lot of logistical planning.  We had to arrange for guest houses, extra mattresses, and extra cars and drivers.  I also made a plan to take some of the female guests sari-shopping so that they could wear saris for the wedding!  With the arrival of all of the guests, though, I realized that the wedding with all of its events was really going to be a test of endurance for me.  During the evenings I was meeting friends and family and mingling with guests at wedding parties and events, and during the days I was trying to play international hostess and show my American guests a good time while still managing all of the wedding errands.  Thankfully, several of Amrit’s family members and my friends who had been to Delhi before stepped forward and really helped me out by taking others sightseeing and shopping while I was busy.

Friends and family from all over dance it out at pre-wedding parties

Finally, after months of planning and the arrival of all of the guests, we were ready for the first of the official wedding events – the cocktail reception.

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